Cover of Jim DeMint's Falling in Love With America Again

Discover the Solutions Revealed in America’s Families & Communities

Jim DeMint, former U.S. Senator and President of The Heritage Foundation, casts a spotlight on Americans like you — local heroes who reveal answers to the real issues.

In story after story, DeMint and leaders across America give firsthand accounts of overcoming obstacles in education, health care… and other concerns Washington has failed to solve. It’s an inspiring journey, with solid research insights thanks to contributions from Heritage Foundation experts.

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“Jim DeMint's important new book reminds us that America's real heroes are not to be found strolling through the corridors of power or ensconced in the mansions of the rich and famous. Rather, they're the modest man or woman who lives next door.”

Dr. Ben Carson

About the Author

Head of the highly respected conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation and former Senator from South Carolina, Jim DeMint is also the author of three books — including the best-selling Saving Freedom. The senator and his wife, Debbie, reside in Greenville, South Carolina and are the proud parents of four married children. They are also greatly enjoying their new role as grandparents.

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